European Health & Beauty retailer chooses strategic consulting from AthenaLab

Analyzing floorplans processes management and neighboring ones to reduce inefficiencies and improve the output quality of these processes. A strategic consulting conducted with expertise and independence.

Find out how Athena Retail helped its customer.

The customer

European Retailer in the Health & Beauty sector, with more than 4,000 stores and a wide range of around 12,500 products, including cosmetics, body care items, home accessories, health products, and more. The company is distinctly recognized for its commitment to sustainability and environment.


The client was looking for an independent voice with Category Management experience, who could analyze and provide guidance on improving its store category layout planning process and its integration with neighbouring processes.

The aim of the project was to identify:

  • areas already performing well
  • areas in need of improvement
  • how changes need to be implemented
  • the set of resources required to achieve those changes

The Customer also asked Athena Retail for support in carrying out a comparative analysis between the floor planning software currently in use and RELEX Solutions Floor Planning.

Strategic Consulting

Athena Retail fulfilled the retailer’s request by producing the following deliverables:

  • as-is process recording & evaluation
  • best practice processes description
  • ideal process definition
  • adjacent processes integration definition
  • potential team structuring and clarification of roles
  • evaluation of RELEX tool in the context of the Ideal process

Strategic consulting was carried out considering the client’s organizational context and its users’ needs.

Expected Benefits

Thanks to the strategic consulting by Athena Retail, the Customer will be able to:

  • increase focus of existing roles on their primary activities, by reassigning specific tasks to roles serving the entire organization and improving their effectiveness
  • improve the quality floor planning by assigning the execution and the approval of floor plans to distinct roles (“two heads are better than one”)
  • focus planning work on activities with greater added value by automating repetitive tasks
  • enable greater integration between systems by simplifying the IT landscape

“We are very pleased to have carried out this analysis together with Athena Retail. The consultants involved showed great expertise on the subject and were very effective in identifying areas for improvement in our processes; the functional analysis on the software was conducted thoroughly and independently.”

The Customer,
Business Project Leader

“It was a pleasure to work with a company that is a leader in such a large market and at the same time so interested in benefiting from our experience. The Customer’s project team participated with great professionalism and expertise in the sessions, helping us present an improvement scenario where industry best practices are combined with the company culture. Their friendliness was the icing on the cake of this project!”

Paolo Malucelli,
CEO & Sales Director, Athena Retail