Consumer-Centric Retail: combining efficiency, profitability and customer experience in grocery Retail

Satisfy all consumers and ensure an unprecedented shopping experience. An ambitious but possible goal. Find out how Athena Retail helped its customer.

The customer

A leading Nordic grocery retailer with a number of stores in the thousands, arranged into multiple store formats.
One of the Nordic’s strongest brands with a high reputation and strongly rooted in the territory.


The Nordic grocery retailer was aware that well-executed Category Management could become a strategic weapon that would allow them to stay proactively connected to their ecosystem and contribute significantly to their business growth.

The Space Management team’s goal was therefore to combine efficiency, profitability and customer experience through the management of three assets:

  • consumer: to ensure an “easy to shop” shopping experience
  • supply chain and logistics: to reduce out of stock problems and costs
  • point of sale: to improve planogram execution and ensure its compliance.


Athena Retail fulfilled the Nordic grocery retailer’s needs by implementing integrated Category Management solutions within the organization and IT environment of the customer.

These tools have enabled effective and efficient management of store spaces, production of store-specific planograms, and management of floor plans.

It was subsequently arranged a portal through which stores can access space information.

Athena Retail also took care of adapting these solutions to the users’ needs.


100% of feasible store-specific planograms produced through automation
1 integrated Category Management environment

Athena Retail’s support enabled the customer to:

  • simplify the IT environment
  • determine, with more precision and automation, the right amount of product to keep on the shelf
  • allow individual stores to apply the decisions taken at headquarters with maximum efficiency and provide them feedback on the execution of the planogram
  • use the information obtained to improve reordering and store profiling processes
  • help consumers find products in stores via a dedicated smartphone app.

«We significantly saved time producing and implementing planograms without sacrificing quality. Remarkable gains are evident: not only for us, in terms of profitability, but also for our consumers, in terms of shopping experience. Thanks to the Athena Retail team!»

The Customer

«We know how much attention our customer pays to the people who choose to go shopping in its stores. Effective Category Management aims to do just that: guarantee the end consumer an unmatched shopping experience. We are proud to have it as a customer.»

Paolo Malucelli,
Athena Retail CEO & Sales Director