AP Commerciale upgrades its stores with automated planogramming

The customer

Sole 365 is an Italian brand owned by the company AP Commerciale, one of the main players in the Campania retail landscape. The company has a strong partnership with the Megamark Group, the leading distribution company in southern Italy, which in turn is linked to the Selex Group.


“Shopping. At ease.” is the payoff of Sole 365: in a highly competitive local scenario, AP Commerciale needed to improve its customer service, aligning its merchandising strategies to the consumers’ buying habits and preferences.

AP Commerciale wanted to guarantee the best customer experience, through extremely  well-ordered and efficiently merchandised spaces for its 69 stores, scattered in many cities and towns of a densely populated region, and different from each other in terms of furniture, size and capacity.


The following steps were necessary to reach the goal:

  • calculating, for each product, its store-specific capacity
  • identifying the minimum and maximum reorder point
  • minimizing out of stocks and waste

Athena Retail’s support has enabled its Client in the creation of store-specific planograms, optimized on the local consumer demand model and considering the specificities of the stores.


100% of adhesion between the categories worked and related spaces on the stores

AP Commerciale has successfully managed to:

  • increase data consistency and integrity
  • improve store productivity
  • increase the efficiency of display space
  • improve customer experience by offering a suitable assortment that better responds to its needs
  • strengthen the brand’s consistency and image.

«With Athena Retail’s cooperation we will be able to create store-specific planograms without neglecting local specificities. Automated data integration and standardization of the planogram processes will allow us to save time, and we will be able to focus on other tasks to ensure the quality of our customer services.»

Antonio Apuzzo,
AP Commerciale Sales Director

«Modern retailers need to meet consumers’ needs by tailoring their displays to each store.
It is a great pleasure for us to support AP Commerciale in its quest for efficiency, thanks to Space and Management solutions and our expertise in making them operational, according to the organization’s merchandising logic and replenishment criteria.»

Paolo Malucelli,
Athena Retail CEO & Sales Director