Store Snapshot

The Real in-store display collection solution

Supply Chain companies have ambitious commercial goals that are more reliant on readily accessible, detailed and accurate information. Monitoring range and prices isn’t enough to understand Category Management success stories: category display is nowadays an essential ingredient.
Athena Retail, with its two decades-long experience in the Supply Chain business, combined with its knowledge of Blue Yonder’s Intactix Enterprise Suite of software, brings you Store SnapShot. The in-store display collection software that lets you fully export shelf data to a planogram format file, with a single tap of your stylus.


Why Store SnapShot

With Store SnapShot you can collect detailed information on the shelf (structure, products and their positioning, the prices and the out-of-stock) and export them to a file planogram Blue Yonder Space Planning; this process allows an immediate identification of the differences between planograms that have been sent to the stores and their effective implementation and monitor the positioning of its products and those of competitors.

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