REWE DORTMUND chose JDA Category Management

REWE DORTMUND chose JDA Category Management to make its outlets more profitable.

Strategix, JDA’s and Athena’s partner, will be the one to implement such solutions aimed at optimize product range and promote sales.
JDA Software Group, Inc. recently announced that REWE DORTMUND, a German retail with almost 300 outlets, decided to use JDA® Category Management suite in order to optimize product range and increase rotations.
The German brand, which belongs to REWE Group, a group of independent retailers and suppliers, will implement JDA Category Management software solutions with the support of Strategix, a German consultancy company, JDA’s partner, which has recognized experience in several category management and retail execution projects.

Background: Omnichannel

According to Franck Lheureux – JDA Regional Vice President sales within EMEA area: «The increasingly important role of omnichannel is leading retailers to focus on convergence of physical and digital channels. The real challenge is to optimize sales and profits, while being able to efficiently move and handle products from the warehouse to the shelf and meeting customers’ needs». In a competitive background like the current one, that requires retailers to adopt a ‘consumer centric’ approach, «JDA keeps cooperating with entities like REWE DORTMUND in order to meet the specific needs of each outlet, by optimizing space and creating targeted and differentiated planograms with a view to meet the needs of customers, which are different from store to store».

The project

In the past REWE managed product range and layout in its outlets through manual processes based on a certain number of spreadsheets. The introduction of JDA Category Management not only will improve consumers’ purchase experience, but will also enable REWE to facilitate the processes of category management, by creating streamlined planograms and products range and arrangements, targeted for each outlet. This will have the effect of exponentially improving profitability and efficiency, while ensuring more targeted, focused and productive product assortment, so that REWE could increase its sales and profits.
According to Martina Reisch, member of the Board of Directors of the German retailer, the adoption of JDA Category Management enables REWE to «have now the best tools to plan and localize product range and assortment in a more accurate way compared to the past. Automation and standardization of processes will allow to save much more time, that could be used in a more profitable way, to identify local specific needs and changes within each outlet, while adapting and streamlining space in an easier and quicker way».

Category Management and its impact on revenues.
Press Release – “Rewe Dortmund selects jda category management to maximize profitability across its 300 stores”

Profitable omnichannel retail solutions for category management.

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