JDA increases its capital and invests in R&D

JDA announces a 570 million dollars equity investment from Blackstone, its new shareholder.

On August 19th, by a press release published on its website, JDA Software Group, Inc. announced that it has completed an agreement with funds managed by Blackstone and New Mountain Capital, to allow for a recapitalization of the company to be effected through a 570 million dollars equity investment.
Such money flow will be used by JDA, consistently with its business approach, to fuel technological innovation, to deliver improved cloud-based solutions and accelerate opportunities for current product development and enhancements.

With this strategic investment, JDA is intended to strengthen its market-leading role within supply chain and omni-channel retail solutions.

«This is a very exciting day for JDA and a testament to the terrific work of our associates and our 4,000 loyal global customers,” said Bal Dail, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer, JDA.

«This investment will accelerate our future growth plans and expand our vision for the business, meanwhile reaffirming our innovative strategic vision. We trust that this opportunity will enable us to enhance our reputation as market leader in our space and at the same time to give customers the best available conditions in order to capture opportunities presented by today’s digital transformation».

As to the near future, Bal Dail very clearly explains the operational details set by Scottdale company: «We will channel our resources into improving our SaaS-based solutions and developing innovative new solutions on Google Cloud Platform, while enhancing our current large R&D investment in our existing products.
We are aware and proud to invest in innovation like no one else, to adopt an approach, which is not an end in itself, but is always custom-focused, targeted to provide customers with the very best of technological innovation.
This is possible thanks to the joint work of our JDA Labs and our best-in-class product development teams».

The enthusiasm of JDA’s CEO is supported by the statement of Martin Brand, Senior Managing Director at Blackstone, who said: “We have strong expertise in the software space, and we are highly confident that this, together with the above-mentioned investments, will lead JDA to expand its technological and market share leadership as to its supply chain management softwares».

Brand’s words are coupled by what Pete Masucci, Managing Director of New Mountain Capital, stated: «We are excited to be a part of the major success that we believe JDA can achieve in the years ahead.
We will work with Blackstone in order for the goals we set to become soon tangible results. Our role will be to work together with JDA to grow the core business, while launching new initiatives that support JDA’s long-term strategy.
This is a shared strategic vision that is uniquely aimed at delivering to its customers solutions able to constantly improve their management of supply chain processes».


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