JDA Planogram Generator

High-speed, high-volume, store-specific planogram production

The recently developed consumer centric approach to Category Management aims at greater effectiveness in sales, matching consumer demand as much as possible. On the other hand, this approach implies an increase in assortment and planogram management processes complexity; such complexity, if not properly mastered, may bring to severe inefficiencies in planogram implementation at the store.

Why JDA Planogram Generator

JDA Planogram Generator allows rapid production of planograms tailored to each store’s specific assortment, performance and equipment, following merchandising rules defined by the company.

Athena has gathered solid experience in store-specific planogramming projects implementation, based on JDA Planogram Generator. Various retailers, from Italy (Dimar, Gruppo Poli) and abroad (Russia’s Lenta) have adopted JDA Planogram Generator in their Space Management processes thanks to our consultants.

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