Blue Yonder Floor Planning

An integrated approach to macromerchandising

Usage of software tools that allow store layout optimization, through integration with other company databases, in a fast and accurate manner, is a true quantum leap in Category Management of the store as a whole and improves revenue by unit area.


Why Blue Yonder Floor Planning

Blue Yonder Floor Planning is the tool of choice that allows definition of Category Management optimized store layouts; it combines easiness of use with powerful merchandising and analysis (reporting, highlighting, charting) features.

It is fully integrated in Blue Yonder’s Intactix Enterprise Suite of tools for Category and Space Management processes, and especially with Blue Yonder Space Planning, allowing usage of planograms produced by the Space Management team in store layout definition.

Athena Retail is sales and services partner of Blue Yonder Software Group, Inc., and it is specialized in Category and Space Management consulting for Italy, former Yugoslavia and Eastern Mediterranean countries, based on Blue Yonder software solutions; Athena Retail has successfully delivered macro-merchandising projects based on Blue Yonder Floor Planning, in Italy and abroad, with various retailers (Esselunga, Unicoop Firenze, Carrefour, Dimar and others).

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