Blue Yonder Assortment Optimization

Clusterized, performance based assortment definition

In a retail world where diversity of manufacturers goods often exceeds retailers’ ability to allocate those goods in their stores, assortments have to be both efficient (well-structured in width and depth, deleting those products that don’t sell enough or are too expensive to replenish) and effective in increasing product movement and sales. Awareness of actual space available to allocate the assortment is essential to this.


Why Blue Yonder Assortment Optmization

Blue Yonder Assortment Optimization is a flexible solution to manage and maintain space-aware assortments; it is fully integrated in Blue Yonder’s Intactix Enterprise Suite of tools for Category and Space Management processes, and can be used to satisfy many different business needs. Powered with advanced data acquisition and integration features, allows agile assortment definition and review to match new and updated business goals.

Athena Retail is sales and services partner of Blue Yonder Software Group, Inc., and it is specialized in Category and Space Management consulting for Italy, former Yugoslavia and Eastern Mediterranean countries, based on Blue Yonder software solutions.

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