Athena in the trade press with an in-depth analysis of Space & Category Management.

Starting in September 2017, Athena will be introducing new initiatives of communications in the trade press aimed at the retail and industry sectors through a series of articles and dossiers, issued up to March 2018, which will aim at illustrating entrepreneurs and managers the proposed innovative and functional solutions for improving the supply chain, and intervening on category & space allocation processes.

Athena’s new campaign is also the result of an internal reorganization: for the past year the consulting firm founded by Paolo Malucelli has, in fact, created a marketing department with the task of developing specific strategies to monitor and intercept the new demands of a rapidly expanding large-scale retail channel market; and not only.

“During these first few months of operations we have worked together on finding new market opportunities for our current services – says marketing director Jennifer Tubello – as well as the challenge of introducing a customer satisfaction monitoring system in order to increasingly address and enter into detail our solutions, our services and our consultations with the organizations of our clients, manufacturers and retailers who aim to continually improve the effectiveness and efficiency of their organizational processes.”

In the planning of communication activities for the coming months, for the distribution of its publications, Athena has chosen important thematic journals such as Mark Up and Gdoweek: the campaign will, therefore, begin with two pages on the September issue of Mark Up, which will focus on the company’s presentation and the projects developed in these past years, and then devote the subsequent releases of October, January, and March to case histories and other specifics. Athena will then close the year with a single page published on Gdoweek’s special number, Top Store, and start the new year with two editorials scheduled for January and March.

The next appointment with the print campaign is scheduled for October with Mark Up, where projects that have been realized with the applications of our partner JDA will address the innovation and economic benefits obtained in collaboration with a large Piedmont retailer like Dimar.

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