Also in the second quarter of 2016 several European retailers chose JDA

Iceland (UK), Gedimat (France) and O’KEY (Russia) are the leading players of European distribution, which, thanks to JDA software, aim at boosting sales and profit margins for their outlets.

JDA Software Group, Inc., a world leader in supplying software solutions for Supply Chain management, moves forward in its innovation process, aimed at providing the leading players in the retail industry with application programs that could make the whole production and distribution cycle faster, more efficient and profitable.
In the quarter that has just ended, the US company announced that some of the main retailers across Europe chose its Category Management solutions.
Such application programs, ranging from planning outlets’ space and layout to optimizing product assortment and generating tailored planograms for each outlet, are able to support retailers and producers in achieving their business goals and improving the efficiency of the relevant implementation procedures.

Quarterly report

At mid-April JDA announced that Iceland, a leading United Kingdom frozen food retailer, has chosen to implement some JDA Category Management solutions: JDA Floor Planning, JDA Category Knowledge Base, JDA Assortment Optimization and JDA Planogram Generator, and to rely on the support of JDA Cloud Services, having in mind the ambitious goal of optimizing sales and profit margins across its nearly 900 outlets located throughout UK and Ireland. According to Neil Hayes, Merchandising and format development director: «Thanks to the introduction of JDA solution a new era is beginning for Iceland, as we will be able to create planograms and define tailored product assortments for each store based on demand analysis, with the tangible goal of increasing sales and profit margins for all our stores».
From UK to France. On May 23rd Gedimat, a French bricolage and construction materials retailer having almost 500 stores, announced that it will adopt some Category Management JDA solutions: JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning, JDA Space Automation and JDA Planogram Converter. Gedimat’s goal, as its merchandising manager Lionel Gomes said, is to «optimize product assortments of its outlets and improve its customers’ experience, and in so doing it will boost both customer loyalty to the brand and the company’s bottom line».
Lastly, on June 14th there was news from O’Key, a leading Russian retailer with a network of 70 hypermarkets and 37 supermarkets, reporting that it will implement some solutions of JDA Category Management suite: JDA Space Planning, JDA Floor Planning, JDA Planogram Generator, JDA Web Publisher, JDA Space Automation PRO and JDA Category Knowledge Base. O’KEY with this innovation plan aims at strengthening its leadership, maximizing product availability, minimizing out-of-stocks and creating increasingly more ‘localized’ product assortments. Peter Rachovides, O’KEY retail development director, explained the reasons behind such choice: «We know that in order to achieve the corporate goals we set to attain, we need to have the best-in-class solution now on the market, as such tools could enable us to both improve procedures and increase sales and turnover».

Supply Chain Digital – “UK retailer Iceland works with JDA Software to optimise sales and margins”
JDA Software Group Inc. Press release – “French retailer Gedimat turno to JDA to meet consumer demand and drive sales growth”
JDA Software Group Inc. Press release – “Russian Grocery leader O’ KEY selects JDA to drive higher sales and profits”

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