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Planograms: benefits for retailers and manufacturers

Planogram services, which come under the notion of Category Management, are “weapons” that retailers and manufacturers cannot do without due to a competitive environment that is increasingly thriving of innovative solutions necessary for obtaining advantages in terms of profitability.   The yield of a product in large-scale retailing In retail distribution, the position of a…

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From the Persian Gulf the new category management of the ultra-fresh

In search of top commercial results, several saudi manufacturers are implementing a new concept of Category Management, focusing on furnishings owned by them and an assortment that is Consumer Centric. Unlike most long-life food product categories, fresh and ultra-fresh are categories that for too long have been using a Category approach (and display) considered outdated,…

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How Digital Transformation is changing the consumer and retail

Digital is leading the world of distribution towards a new competitive scenario: multi-channel, social networks, e-commerce and back-end tools are just some of the paths retailers are taking to meet the demands of the hyper-connected consumer. For at least five years, retailers have been aware of the need to invest in digital, as is suggested…

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